Meet Ben Foley – A Brighton Le Sands Healthcare Professional.

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Get to know Ben Foley (Brighton Le Sands Chiropractic) 

1.What do you most ENJOY about your profession as a Chiropractor ?

Interaction with my patients from all walks of life. Whilst I am your chiropractor first and foremost, I enjoy having conversation if you are open to a chat. Obviously I pride myself on obtaining results from my Chiropractic services.

In busy modern life, it can be hard to find the time to sit down with someone and chat out your immediate needs. But it is important to the case to understand whether that is simply getting out of pain, strengthening you up, sleeping better or working in more comfort. I find it easy to turn up to work to assist you with whats troubling you.

2.Why did you become a Chiropractor ?

My family have been involved in the profession. I am truly fascinated by the human body and its healing capacity so based on these two things, I decided, why not dedicate 5 years of study to it!

Chiropractic has basic health philosophy that is largely reliant on proactive and preventative philosophies. After almost 10 years of clinical practice, there is no doubt that prevention is better than the cure.

As I said before, understanding someone’s injury and the factors that led to the injury takes time. I enjoy this part of the job. Once a clear understanding is established, its about applying logical and evidence-based treatments. I also love working with people as whole people, not just injuries or single parts of anatomy.

3. Why do you practice in Brighton Le Sands ?

I have practiced in Sydney for almost 10 years at a clinic in Waterloo on Lachlan St. About 4 years ago, Dan and I were looking for a clinic within a more established community that had slightly different demographics as opposed to just young and busy professionals. We met Jerry and his wife Maria (Brighton Physio) and we thought the location was idyllic for our second clinic. We have practiced in the back room for 4 years and have loved the iconic Bay St and the local environment!

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